#HGPlaylist 6: Surf's Up With Raffael Kably

#HGPlaylist 6: Surf's Up With Raffael Kably
006 RaffaelKably
"I love this game. You know I'm a chiller and I like to keep things mellow and vibey. I can't just do 5 or 6 songs, I have background shit running through the day. Here are the key ones."
I. Awake and riding there.

My days usually start at 6:30 with riding my motorcycle to surf spots. I find that a song like Let Your Hair Down by Catching Flies from their The Stars EP is perfect for riding in a cold January Kerala morning with the backwaters on one side and the sea on the other for company.

II. Surfed out.
One of my favourite feelings is how relaxed I feel after a long surf session. Sitting on a fishing beach in the sun listening to this tune that my man Ed shared with me a while ago while I watch the fishermen pulling their boats in.

III. Riding back.
The sun is blazing full on now. I've got my shades on and I'm bumping to this.

IV. Time to chill things out with a cold shower.
THIS ALBUM. It's also one of my all time favourite albums. Ever.
V. Afternoon.

Part of my job is hanging out with and talking to people from across the world. Gramatik provides amazing backgrounds for these conversations. Keepin' it soulful, keepin' it funky while I'm doin' my thang.
VI. Sunset.

I'm chilling the fuck out with my new favourite Argentinian crew.
VII. Evenings.

Time to kick things into gear. Get a couple of brews and take it up a notch. I love my hip hop. It works as the perfect pump up music. It's also so good to kick my ass into gear during a warm up or a work out. Who better than to tell you how pimp you are than the Jigga Man.
VIII. Party time.

You're on a cliff looking out into the sea. As Miley Cyrus so aptly puts it "La da dee da dee, we like to party, dancing with molly." 
Followed by:

IX. Go to bed.
You have to wake up and do this all over again. ARGH!

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