Homegrown’s Picks From Music Last Week: Mosambee, Mali, Huyana & More

Homegrown’s Picks From Music Last Week: Mosambee, Mali, Huyana & More

Homegrown loves bringing to you emerging artists and those who have established a niche in alternate genres hidden from the mainstream. Keeping things super fresh, we will be curating a weekly list of numbers we could not get enough of through the week and that we know will earworm themselves to your heart as well.

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Huyana ‘Nothing Wrong In Not Being Okay’

Written, composed, and performed by Varshita Ramesh aka ‘Huyana’, this pop single, as the title suggests, is about the feeling of not being okay and finding comfort in that thought rather than trying to fight it. “This song was born out of many, very honest and raw emotions and has taken me through a journey of acceptance & surrender for the past few months. I wanted something that represented chaos, but peace at the same time – which is really what this song’s going to be about,” said the artist on their social media. The gentle instrumentation compliments Huyana’s melodious voice and helps bring out the vulnerability that the song promises.

Mosambee And Mali ‘Ocean’

Music producer and songwriter Samarth Chawla aka Mosambee and singer-songwriter Maalavika Manoj aka Mali collaborate on the latest single ‘Ocean’. The song is about being drowned in an ocean of doubt but realising the impermanence of it all – we can never know when feelings of doubt or our tendency to indulge in the feeling will pass. But we can find solace and comfort in the fact that despite how permanent they might feel, they will fade away and that there are others who feel the same way. Knowing that this dreadful doubt is something we share as a species is somewhat comforting; it makes us feel less alone in all our loneliness.

Nikitaa ‘Wolf’

Indie artist Nikitaa turns to folk for her latest single. The title and inspiration for the track borrow from the mythological interpretation of wolves which is metaphorically associated with following one’s instinct. Beneath its otherwise playful vibe, it is a purposeful, energetic, passionate and brave record. The music production is driven by flutes, strings, and drums that mirror the energy with an RnB and hip-hop feel and impactfully rounds it all up.

Artist On Our Radar:

Tyesha Kohli ‘Midnight Lover’

Tyesha Kohli’s soulful rendition on ‘Midnight Lover’ is honest, raw and vulnerable. As real as it gets, it deals with wanting more than just a midnight lover and not settling for less than you deserve. Her powerful vocals beautifully convey and capture the intimate lyrics of the song. It is also an accurate representation of love in these times and of a generation that refuses to settle for anything less than it deserves.

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