Homegrown’s Picks From Music Last Week: Nucleya, Sublime Sound, Kavya Trehan & More

Homegrown’s Picks From Music Last Week: Nucleya, Sublime Sound, Kavya Trehan & More

Homegrown loves bringing to you emerging artists and those who have established a niche in alternate genres hidden from the mainstream. Keeping things super fresh, we will be curating a weekly list of numbers we could not get enough of through the week and that we know will earworm themselves to your heart as well.

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Elli ‘Songs About Yesterday’

An emerging voice in the music scene, not much is known about Elli. With the limited information surrounding the artist, their voice becomes the best parameter to judge their talent, of which there is immense. The second 3 song EP released earlier last week and has a groovy beat with a lo-fi aesthetic that complements their easy melodious and breezy sound. Overall, the EP makes for an easy laidback sound that would make for a great weekend listen.

You can listen to the discography here.

Nucleya & Major Lazer ft Rashmeet Kaur ‘Jadi Buti’

If I had to describe this song in a single word, ‘quirky’ would be my best bet. That though would not seem out of line for either Nucleya, a renowned name in the Indian music scene and Major Lazer of ‘Lean On’ fame. With a catchy hook and groovy beats, the song is a sure earworm and the off beat lyrics only add to that. While the song has been stuck in our heads for months, the VIP Remix version was out last week, and we are obsessed with it all over again.

Sublime Sound & Kavya Trehan ‘Colours’

Anhad Khanna aka Sublime Sound adds scratchy beats to his latest single which is a collaboration with New Delhi-based singer-songwriter Kavya Trehan giving it a lo-fi aesthetic and also a sound that bears semblance to the backdrops in video games. A refreshing and fresh sound it has a summer aesthetic to it for sure. “Colour is an alluring electronic and dance track that beautifully shapes any space it graces. Sublime Sounds transitions from a club heavy sound to a more warm, summery, radio-friendly space whilst subtly paying homage to his influences of Jungle, early House music and 90’s UK Hardcore,” their record label said while releasing the song on their YouTube channel.

Artist On Our Radar:

Takar Nabam ‘Ashes’

From the hills of Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh is a voice that lingers on at the back of your mind. Indie singer-songwriter Takar Nabam has a folksy sound that complements his sweet and mellow sound. His latest single, ‘Ashes’ that released in March caught our attention and he is one we are looking forward to in 2021.

Ashes came out of an extraordinary experience in my life, which I share through my fragile voice and eclectic mix of influences I’ve had over the years. It’s worth mentioning here that Michael Fossenkemper (Turtletone Studios, NY), a Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer, was also a part of this project,” said the artist while releasing the single on YouTube.

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