House of MISU X Gaurav Sawn: Chronicling A Day In The Life Of Image Consultants

House of MISU X Gaurav Sawn: Chronicling A Day In The Life Of Image Consultants
If there’s one thing MISU (Summiyya Patni and Mitali Sagar) and Gaurav Sawn have in common—it’s a knack for brightening up the ordinary. Mavericks of trigger-happy portraits with an ability to offset the dull, we knew the match would most likely be more in tune with pearly gates than hell fires. That’s exactly why we put them all together while we continued our ‘Day in the life series…’ featuring the Nike Dunk Sky Hi, in an effort to chronicle the lives of these image consultants. In the end, this was easily our most chic-minded collaboration yet.
We caught up with the fashion-forward duo as well, in the hopes of getting a glimpse into their workings but much like we did with LoveAndOtherBugs, we opted for a bit of a switchover, owing to their BFF status. Here’s Mitali on Summiyya and vice-versa. Because they happen to know each other just as well as they know themselves.

"We are one another’s soul mates and even though we may not agree on everything, when we put our minds together – the outcome is delicious." 

I. 3 words that describe her best. 

MI - Summy is Caring, creative and considerate.

SU -Mitali is sassy, loyal and strong

II. Your favourite thing about her personal style? 

MI - Summiyya accessorizes brilliantly.

SU -Mitali doesn’t shy away from experimenting.

III. One thing you’d like to steal from her wardrobe and never give back? 

MI - We have a communal closet so what’s mine is hers and vice versa. But she has this one cropped grey jacket that looks chic and edgy all at once, which I love.

SU - Her ZARA shoulder spiked blazer, it fits like a dream.

IV. One thing you’d like to hide so she never wears it again?

MI - If such a thing existed its already dead and buried. There was this one swimsuit top she wore every other day for a while but that phase has long ended thankfully.

SU - Her green hair band which she wears to the gym. One day I will bury it and blame it on the dog.

V. Something you believe inspires her and why? 

MI - She takes inspiration from all over, she likes to see what designers, and magazines celebrities are doing and put her own spin on them.

SU - Books inspire her. She gets lost in them and when she emerges her creativity is at its peak.


VI. A quality in her that inspires you? 

MI - She loves taking care of the ones she loves and she is darn good at it.  She goes out of her way for people and that’s a rare trait in a person.

SU – She thinks from her mind and not just her heart, making decisions that are objective and untainted.

VII. One thing about her most people don’t know. 

MI - She may kill me for saying this but when she is at home, she doesn’t like to eat unless she has something to watch. We have had to wait while our food got cold till she could get an episode of Project runway downloaded so we could eat and watch simultaneously.

SU - She is mortally afraid of ketchup, if it fell on her she would die of a panic attack.

And now a few for you both. How was your collaboration with Nike Sportwear?

We are both NIKE users and gym buffs, so ofcourse we only ever associated Nike with working out. This particular collaboration has not only been an absolute blast but has also changed the way we view the brand. We would never have worn sneakers or anything like sneakers for a regular day let alone for a meeting. Until now, it would have been too non-MISU to do such a thing. The Nike Dunk Sky Hi has definitely stormed its way into our hearts and into our wardrobes. We love it and we love Nike.

How did the Nike Dunk Sky Hi fit into your personal style?

In order to do this shoot honestly and seamlessly, we had to experiment with a lot of styles and looks to figure out how to make it MISU. We were afraid at first since we don’t really do sneakers outside of the gym but once we got into it, it got fun and the shoe began to feel…. Like it belonged … We have worn them to movies, casual meetings and sometimes just for fun. There is something almost empowering about such a moment, like we broke in a wild horse or something. It's opened up a whole new avenue of styles to us and we love it. Who said Nike can't be chic? We say they can.

Your collective favourite image in fashion from any era?

It is hard to pick just one given that there are decades worth of genius’s. Here is one memorable one we both adore by the great Richard Avedon and Dior.


Image Credit: Gaurav Sawn

Stylists + Models: MISU 

[MitaliSagar and SummiyyaPatni founded the Company in 2011 when they noticed a gaping void in the landscape of fashion. They began with a new age styling concept that made the coveted personal stylist available to the laymen.]

Hair and Makeup Credit: Chandni Girdhar

Words: Mandovi Menon