How The Turntables: The India Record Co. Is Championing A Vinyl Revolution

How The Turntables: The India Record Co. Is Championing A Vinyl Revolution
Image Courtesy: The Indian Record Co.

There is a nostalgic old-world charm to the warm and mahogany-rich sound of an LP lazily swirling on a turntable. As Patsy Cline Lover once explained, recording on vinyl is like “Throwing up a butterfly net and catching a moment in time.” Listening to a vinyl, is like capturing a real moment in time, an original recording of a song, not a remastered studio version that is synthesized or autotuned beyond recognition. It is a heightened listening experience coupled with the physicality of owning that soundtrack. For all the vinyl lovers, we have found just the record store that can cater to all your needs.

India Record Co. is the one-stop shop for all things records and vinyl in India. For them, ‘Vinyl is not just a compound, it’s a culture’ and this friendly neighbourhood store wants nothing more than for you to ‘join the analogue revolution of India, 33 1/3 times a minute!’ They have everything you could possibly dream of, from modern-day records by The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Glass Animals to classic vinyl from Jagjit Singh, S.D.Burman, Frank Sinatra, and the like. Much to the delight of music lovers, they also host artist spotlights on their Instagram page and vinyl bazaars, pop-ups and sales. So if you’re a vinyl lover, you know where you’ve got to be.

Check them out here.

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