How Two Indian Brothers Built A Curated Men's Style Calculator App

How Two Indian Brothers Built A Curated Men's Style Calculator App

While dressing up feels like a leisure activity for many, there’s a fair chunk of the public that finds this to be a tedious and sometimes daunting task.

Setting out to end the dressing woes once and for all, Mayan and Ruban Rajendran have built a style calculator app to simplify the art of dressing for men everywhere.

The sibling duo come from different walks of life but seemed to unite in their ambition to create something for the community. While Mayan boasts of a decade old experience as a menswear designer and a visiting lecturer at Cornell university, his brother Ruban is a full stack developer.

The two brothers share a special connection that consists of bouncing ideas, observations and inspiration off of each other. With an affinity for fashion and the evolving sphere of fashion, Mayan would share the dynamic of sartorial trends with his brother. In return, Ruban’s technical background edged him towards exploring accessible interfaces for the masses.

A four year period full of initial conceptualization, brainstorming and trials and errors that consisted of creating a rough sketch and implementing their ideas into a commodity, the style calculator has made dressing a fun, experimental yet educational act; accessible at a simple swipe.

Presently, the app, which is named Twelve70, uses an interactive and easy to use interface. Tap an item of clothing on the app’s grid, choose a colour of your liking, and find a wide variety of styling options and ideas to keep you looking dapper no matter the occasion.

The app is available to download on IOS and Android. If you’re looking for OOTD inspiration today, this is your sign to check out the incredible styling app.

View the app here.

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