Hyderabad, Attend A Cocktail Mixology Workshop This Weekend

Dewar's Stay Curious HQ
Dewar's Stay Curious HQDewar's/Homegrown

After a massive launch in Mumbai, Dewar's 'Stay Curious' is coming to Hyderabad for its second leg in the form of a spectacular three-floor experience at a key contemporary arts center in the heart of the city — Gallery 78.

Dewar's ‘Stay Curious’ is a unique platform crafted to inspire a generation to redefine their curiosity and make room for uninhibited discoveries. From curious collaborations, unexpected confluences, and boundless co-creations, Stay Curious is a movement that will pique that unmistakable and insatiable curiosity. It's an immersive, multi-sensorial experience, where boundaries will cease to exist, and exploration will know no limits.

This weekend we're bringing you a mixology workshop which promises an immersive opportunity for cocktail aficionados, delivering practical instruction and support in the creation of exceptional and inventive beverages. Attendees will delve into the realm of mixology; acquiring skills and experimenting with a diverse range of tastes to fashion a wide range of drinks.

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