In Conversation with UK Bass Wizards My Nu Leng Ahead of Their Three-City India Tour

In Conversation with UK Bass Wizards My Nu Leng Ahead of Their Three-City India Tour
I. In your opinion, what is it about that underground UK garage/bass sound that makes it so distinctive? What are the boundaries you'd like to push with regard to this?
UK bass music is ever evolving and changing, but always has a distinct sound that can be called UK. We take influences from so many different styles of dance music we listened to growing up and try combine them in to something fresh and exciting.
II. How has your experience working with Black Butter Records been like so far? Have you ever worked with/hung out with other artists on the roster like Clean Bandit, Rudimental and Gorgon City while touring?
We love the whole Black Butter camp and have had some great times with the likes of Rudimental, Kidnap Kid, Gorgon City and Woz. We have the freedom to be able to put out music we are passionate about, and get the opportunity to play some amazing shows alongside our favourite DJs.
III. What are your individual preferences in music that transgress the garage/grime/house/dubstep/drum'n'bass of My Nu Leng?
We are both big drum and bass lovers and that definitely makes its way in to our production.
IV. When it comes to DJ sets, do you bank on reading the crowd or do you have a general structure and bag of tracks that you stick to? What's the vibe you generally kick off a set with when it comes to audiences in a new country, and how do you play with the energy?
We never plan our sets, but we have a huge collection of music we like to play through; we add and take away music every week to try and keep our sets fresh and never the same twice.
V. What are your thoughts on the commercialisation of EDM?
Music is a matter of opinion and every one has their personal preference to what they like. So in that sense, it really doesn't bother us. We just don't listen to it...
VI. What is the direction that you see My Nu Leng going in in the coming future, and how do you challenge yourself to come up with material that's fresh and constantly evolving?
We have no idea! Until our next EP is finished and mastered, we are never sure what direction we will be taking. A lot of producers will have music from a year or two ago ready to release, but we find this can be restrictive on your direction as an artist. Our tastes are always changing so we want the music we put out to be a representation of what we are feeling at that point in time.
VII. What's the sort of set you personally love as a festival goer/when you're the ones on the dancefloor?
We always try catch sets by Oneman, Jackmaster etc. Sets where lots of different styles could be played, and you never really know what you're going to hear.
VIII. We just had to ask about the name - what's the story?
A drunken night looking for a name to label some music we had made; we used it to DJ, mainly, then we got a few tracks signed and the rest is history...
IX. Tell us about one of your most memorable gigs/fan interactions.
Glastonbury to Hideout festival was pretty crazy. We had been playing each night from Thursday till Sunday at Glastonbury and then Monday morning, with no sleep, flew to Croatia and from the muddy fields of Glastonbury we were then on a boat in the sunshine a few hours later!
X. What's the sort of freedom that your genre-bending ways give you as an artist? How easy is it to take audiences with you on the journey spanning different vibes?
It is really important for us to be able to play any type of music we are feeling. The BPM we play at has a lot of room for different styles, and it keeps us excited and interested if we constantly change up the vibes.
Math can be fun. Scroll on for five questions that attempt to quantify the duo and their experiences:
A. 5 things you're looking forward to during the India tour.
1. Eating
2. Sight seeing
3. Playing the shows!
4. Hot weather (It's snowing in the UK)
5. Becoming embedded in the culture.
B. 4 of your all-time favourite sets by your influences/favourite artists.
1. Calibre w/ Shadow Demon (Raveology)
2. Djrum Clash Music Podcast
3. Andy C Nightlife Series
4. Pete Rock vs DJ Premier
C. 3 artists you'd love to collaborate with in the future
1. Mike Skinner
2. Kahn
3. Dismantle
D. 2 of your favourite after party tunes
1. Djrum - Honey
2. Cinematic Orchestra - All thing to all Men.
E. 1 thing you've learnt about yourself (as My Nu Leng) having explored various genres
1. It is important to always push boundaries and be original
Event Details:
Feb 13, Delhi at Antisocial, Presented by Levi's 501 Fridays
Feb 14, Mumbai at Sitara Studio
Feb 15, Bangalore at The Warehouse Bangalore 

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