Arjun Kamath X Ritu Arya: Exploring Bangalore Through A Beautiful Fashion Collaboration

Arjun Kamath X Ritu Arya: Exploring Bangalore Through A Beautiful Fashion Collaboration

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“It was fun shooting with Ritu. She is a very enthusiastic, supportive and open-minded artiste. Last but not the least, she’s definitely a very talented stylist and her positive attitude will take her very far,” said Kamath, when probed about the overall collaboration. “Plus, Bangalore is a city that’s forever changing and constantly evolving. What I love about the city is that there’s always more to explore and there’s never a shortage of unexplored locations that are waiting to be photographed. Bengaluru’s locations always have an element of surprise; all you have to do is look,” he added when discussing his love for his home city as a backdrop, especially since he flits between L.A. and India on a regular basis.

We caught up with both the artistes for a quick tete-a-tete to set the record straight about both themselves, and this shoot.

A. Arjun Kamath

I. 5 adjectives that best describe your photography style?

II. 2 Indian photographers who inspire you?
III. You were keen to explore Bangalore through these photographs as well.
Tell us a little more about this and how you managed to weave in those elements?
IV. There’s an element of encouraging unexpected human interaction in some of your shoots. What about this excites you?
V. What kind of images really get under your skin and why?
VI. Describe your dream shoot to us.
VII. What is one of the biggest challenges photographers in India experience according to you? 
Quick Question Round:
1 image that’s special to you.
The last thing that really moved you?
One quality you especially enjoy in people?
If you had the option, which planet would you like to fly to?
Something (almost) no one knows about you?
One line/quote that’s always been powerful to you.
For all your days be prepared, and meet them ever alike. When you are the anvil, bear - when you are the hammer, strike.

B. Ritu Arya – Obscure. Day Dreamer. Ambitious.

I. Contextualize your personal style in one line? 
II. Your ideal outfit for a drum & bass gig?
III. As a writer/blogger, what’s something you feel is lacking in fashion communication in India right now?
IV. And what's the one thing that sets you apart from other bloggers? 
V. How did the Nike Dunk Sky Hi fit in with your personal style? 
Quick Question Round:
I. The best fashion image ever in your opinion?
II. What’s the one outfit you think can be timelessly paired with the Dunk Sky His?
III. Whose body would you like to take over for a day?
IV. Your favourite Indian textile?
V. One song you can never get tired of? 
VI. Something everyone tends to assume wrong about you? 

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