In Search Of Sustainability: Indian Labels Are Turning To Plant Dyes & Organic Fibres

In Search Of Sustainability: Indian Labels Are Turning To Plant Dyes & Organic Fibres

The struggle to find both environmentally conscious and wearable pieces is well known to most of us, especially because the pandemic acted as a period for us to reflect back on our choices and their impact on the planet. Our aesthetic sensibilities have shifted and we’re now yearning to find consciously crafted pieces that encourage minimalism. Luckily there are brands emerging in the industry that hold on to a youthful spirit, inculcating stylish prints and designs relevant to the moment all while collaborating with inventive artisans across the country.

Here are a few labels creating stellar pieces with natural dyes and organic fibres to look out for this summer.

Image Courtesy: Vraj:bhoomi

I. Vraj:bhoomi

Based out of Gujrat is Vraj:bhoomi, an apparel and clothing brand that celebrates traditional prints of the state by collaborating with desert artisans of Kutch. Aligned with ethical practices, they transform the artisans’ hand block printing skills into aesthetic wear that is carefully stitched with great attention to both fit and detail. Keeping up with sustainable practices, the brand only works with plant dyes, directly cutting back on the toxic chemicals released due to the use of synthetic dye. Consciously created by a young couple, the mindful production benefits the environment while providing a better future for the artisans who are duly credited for their work.

View the label here.

Image Courtesy: Khara Kapas

II. Khara Kapas

Creating handcrafted products with homegrown materials, Khara Kapas meaning ‘pure cotton’ in Hindi, is a brand rooted in earth tones and simple Indian motifs. The slow yet meaningful approach centres on the craftsmanship of the artisans themselves and provide ethically manufactured pieces. Sticking to a timeless style, their design philosophy revolves around the idea of minimalism, clean cuts, and relaxed silhouettes. Working with organic cotton fibre as opposed to synthetic fibres, they are both eco-friendly and durable; remaining mindful of consumers and the planet.

View the label here.

Image Courtesy: Medium

III. Studio Medium

A brand hoping to create prospective heirlooms, Medium is an apparel and home textile design studio based in New Delhi. Headed by Riddhi Jain Satija, a textile design alumnus and now a visiting faculty at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Working with a small team of artisans and designers, the label creates statement pieces using natural dyeing techniques. Aimed at providing a high comfort quotient while making environmentally conscious choices. The inclusive community of practitioners ‘collaborate to create narratives and experiences never seen before’.

View the label here.

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