India Action Project Is Working Towards Improving India’s Social, Political, & Economic Environment

India Action Project Is Working Towards Improving India’s Social, Political, & Economic Environment

India’s environment –– political, social, economic –– is in need of reform. Many aspects of our country serve those in power, and countless people go unnoticed. The upliftment of several communities is imperative, and collective action is the way to go.

India Action Project, a ‘collective of diverse, young Indians on a mission to create an exponential positive impact on India’s political, social, and economic environment’ is working toward a better, more policy-inclusive India. Through their projects, they aim to uplift the communities of India that rarely ever receive attention in terms of wellbeing and basic needs.

Through the use of data, strategy, media, design, and more, the India Action Project specialises in various spheres such as mobilisation, social and political communication, mass outreach, and more. In their five years of experience, they have already worked on 19 civic elections.

In attempts to make all these processes more efficient for both, the leaders as well as communities, they released their Jan Sambandh app. It is custom-designed for the elected legislators and community leaders to be able to streamline and simplify all communication with their electorates and relevant audiences. The app is currently active in 38 constituencies of the state of Gujarat.

Reaching great heights often requires help, no matter how big or small. The India Action Project, hence, collaborates with various bodies such as NGOs, advocacy groups, parliamentarians, CSR initiatives, legislators and lawmakers, government bodies, and more.

Moving toward a better India — one for under-represented and under-resourced communities, individuals, groups, and more calls for proactive measures and the India Action Project is all about that. Many of India’s communities continue to live less than they deserve, and it is high time change comes along.

Find India Action Project here.

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