India Lost & Found Is Preserving The History & Heritage Of India's Lesser-Known Monuments

India Lost & Found Is Preserving The History & Heritage Of India's Lesser-Known Monuments
Amit Pasricha

The land that holds onto the memory of multiple invasions, dynasties and cultural movements, India is a haven of monumental gems that narrate numerous untold stories. The fabric of this country is formed by its rich heritage which is evidently reflected in the ancient architecture and its intricate details.

We are often taught about the famous monuments around India with deep insight into their relevance, but beyond their mystique stand the lesser-known relics with vast amounts of cultural history. India Lost & Found is the story of these untold monuments and sites across India, which over time are likely to change, deteriorate, and perhaps even be lost forever.

The team behind the project hopes that through this photographic documentation they can preserve and share the essence of our civilisational history. Through a network of thought leaders such as historians, curators and authors, posting across social media platforms, they are creating discourse on this very subject and presenting a variety of varied viewpoints.

By locating heritage sites and researching their past in detail, their panoramic vision engages with our heritage through a wide lens. ILF also seeks to create a ‘Heritage Map of India’ by photographing heritage structures and their unique architectural elements. They also use a series of charming illustrated characters based on each site in an endeavour to make their body of work more accessible.

The crowd creative campaign is founded by renowned photographer Amit Pasricha who hopes to encourage the youth to come together, pool in their talents, and in their own way help preserve the built heritage of India. The heart of the project lies in a strong community of young campaigners spreading awareness about India’s past and doing their part to preserve it.

With an aim to create a virtual museum of rich thought, both tangible and intangible, centred around our built heritage, the project is geared at helping us imagine ‘the pulse of the place, feel the throb of civilisations past as they flourished, and to treat our heritage as our ancestry in such a way that we strive to proactively protect it’.

Find more about the project and ways to volunteer here.