Indian Artist Narrates The Story Of City Life With An Analog Music Video

Indian Artist Narrates The Story Of City Life With An Analog Music Video

While the quality of drone shots or DSLR cameras have their own charm as they capture the essence of many themes, the rawness of analog film is unique and tells a story of its own. In the midst of the pandemic, we at Homegrown are in love with this song because it reminds us of life outside our homes and in the cities which house so many crazy stories. It is a homage to this city that has filled our lives with drama and romance and to the thousand different stories and sentiments that co-exist together and create this complex and colorful reality called Mumbai. Today, our fast-paced urban fabrics almost stand halted by time, as we sit still and wait patiently, hoping nervously and living cautiously. Homegrown picks a work that shows you city life as you know it to be. Untamed by the fears of a pandemic and a mobile population restricted at home, our cities have weaved the most diverse narratives in the simplest of activities and we continue living and we continue hoping. From the blinking traffic lights to cutting chai in the monsoon, this song is resonant of a motion lost and loved, as we chase a more deliberate urban existence, almost cultivating a new-normal. CITY LIFE by Raghav Meattle is a gentle reminder that the city and life you love is not lost. Even though it may seem distant, the stories continue to live and that we will soon return to the confusion and crowds we have grown to love.

City Life by Raghav Meattle

About ‘City Life’: City Life is a commentary on the state of big Indian cities, and the lives of those who inhabit them. With things getting worse with the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19, the song is more relevant than ever! So caught up in our own lives, we’re apathetic towards everything that needs attention, unless in case of impending doom. Directed by Rajdip Ray and shot by Abhimanyu Sengupta, the video has been shot on a P camera using a Kodak 8 mm Ektachrome film stock to give it a feel of the years gone by, which have shaped life in the city, to become what it has. The Kodak Super 8 camera epitomizes the bridge between the efficiency of digital and the quality of analog, resulting in unparalleled cinematic storytelling. The film was processed and developed at Andec Filmtechnik in Berlin. Citylife questions the chaos of our urban existence but it stands to show that despite everything, we choose this life over any other form of living. It is a jungle and it is often confusing and chaotic but it is our jungle.

You can experience the sound and visuals below.

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