Indian Couples Can Now Sell Tickets To Their Wedding; Here’s How

Indian Couples Can Now Sell Tickets To Their Wedding; Here’s How

The Indian wedding market is growing every year. Almost every industry in the country contributes to the event through the presence of elements like decor, entertainment, food and hospitality. There are in fact,  newer companies and sectors coming up to cater to the needs of Indians hoping to tie the knot and those who wish witness the act.

 One such organisation lets individuals get a taste of the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’. These are people who have never met couple to-be-wed before, they probably don’t even know their names as of yet and they are most definitely not of Indian descent. Curious? We were too, when we heard about the site

The website is a new startup that allows people from around the globe to be part of foreign weddings. The process for the same involves the Indian couples listing details about their nuptials on the website which travelers from across the world can choose to buy tickets to. While most of the share of contributions from the tickets go to the couples, that start-up also gets a cut from it . All these international guests who become a part of the wedding get accommodation and receive exclusive access to all three days of the weddings, inclusive of the haldi ceremony, sangeet, baraat procession, pheras, reception and last but not the least the bride’s vadaai. Tickets for the event are sometimes sold up to $200 per person!

The founder of this initiative Ms. Orsi Parkanyi, an Australian woman who came up with the innovative idea after feeling like she was missing out on such an experience and on further research realised that there is a potential market for such a cultural experience with no on to cater to it.  With that, she joined hands with Hungary-based strategy consultant Márti Matécsa and Mumbai-based brand and marketing consultant Pallavi Savant and within a month’s time, the website already had seven listings from India, as well as a few from Russia, Turkey and the US. “If you think about it, there’s nothing more cultural than a wedding because it has every element of culture present: The local people, local food, customs, the outfit, the music, basically it is all right there,” Parkanyi told the CNBC.

And we couldn’t agree more. There is definitely something about Indian weddings that even attracts people who are completely unfamiliar to the culture to it. A couch-surfing and AirBNB of its own kind, this startup definitely has taken cross-cultural exchange to a whole new level. So next time when you are booking tickets for your next vacation abroad, make sure you check out the listings on to supplement your trip the authentic way.

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