Indians In Ukraine: A List Of Essential Helplines & Control Centres
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Indians In Ukraine: A List Of Essential Helplines & Control Centres

It is difficult to digest the scale of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Russia and its troops have been brutally attempting to take over regions of Ukraine, and the cost is human. War acts as a reminder that innocent lives are often made disposable for the sake of power, and while decisions may be made in the safety of offices, their actions are seen, heard, and felt by helpless bystanders on-ground.

As of right now, thousands of Indian students and families are stranded in Ukraine. Through no fault of their own, they are currently fighting to stay alive. With no guarantee of safety, food, and water, the students remain in fear.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has set up a Control Room for assistance and information for Indians in Ukraine.

They can call the following helpline numbers:

  • 1800118797 (Toll free)
  • +91-11-23012113
  • +91-11-23014104
  • +91-11-23017905

Fax: +91-11-23088124


The Ministry’s operation to evacuate Indian nationals from Ukraine, Operation Ganga, now also has a dedicated Twitter handle to address calls for help more promptly - @opganga.

There has also been an establishment of 24x7 Control Centres by the Ministry of External Affairs to evacuate Indians through the border crossing points with Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovak Republic. Find the helplines below, as provided by the Ministry.

Image Courtesy: @opganga via Twitter

The Indian Embassy in Kyiv has also set up a 24x7 helpline.

  • +380 997300428
  • +380 997300483


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