India's First 3D 'Trick Art' Museum In Chennai Looks Super Fun

India's First 3D 'Trick Art' Museum In Chennai Looks Super Fun

The first of its kind in the country, a three dimensional ‘trick art’ museum opened in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on Monday. Brainchild of renowned artist A P Shreethar, the Click Art Museum houses work which follows the traditional French art form known as Trompe-l’œil, meaning to deceive or trick the eye, which depicts realistic images using strong optical illusions.

“In this museum every piece of art is complete only when the viewer enter the frame. It is interactive art,” says Shreethar speaking to The New Indian Express. The museum has 24 interactive art pieces which has been painted on the walls and there are markings on the floor which direct viewers where to stand in order to fully be an active participant in the painting for when they are photographed; there is also a spot marked for the photographer. “There are only 42 such places in 12 countries around the world that have such interactive art museums,” says Shreethar. “Now, we have it here in India.”

The museum has already created a lot of excitement in its first week of opening to the public, and it’s clear from the photographs why that is. Be it a selfie with a chimpanzee, a kick in the butt by Bruce Lee or a romantic Gondola ride--the magic of the illusory art works has filled viewers with child-like wonder.

Where: The Click Art Museum is located at Snow Kingdom, VGP complex, East Coast Road, Chennai.

We’ve posted below some of our favourite images taken by visitors at the Click Art Museum, as seen on the Museum’s Facebook page.