India’s First Hemp-Based Cloud Kitchen Is Now Open In Mumbai

India’s First Hemp-Based Cloud Kitchen Is Now Open In Mumbai
The Hemp Factory

With the increased awareness around hemp and hemp products, India is moving toward a more accepting environment in this sphere. Its health benefits seem to be catching up with the mainstream and its integration into various products calls for appreciation.

Bombay Hemp Company, widely known as ‘BOHECO’, has partnered with The Hemp Factory, India’s first hemp-based cloud kitchen. The establishment includes the superfood, hemp, in dishes made for everyone. Removing the notion of hemp being included only in typically healthy meals, The Hemp Factory caters to various kinds of foods.

“Rigorous research and development resulted in a carefully curated menu comprising of crowd favourites like pizzas, pasta, burgers, smoothies and desserts powered by the goodness of hemp, which is our principal food ingredient. We infuse it in all our dishes in the form of oil, seeds, or flour, making for a nutritious and delicious yet indulgent meal.”

— Dhaval Panchal, Co-Founder and CEO, The Hemp Factory
Image Courtesy: The Hemp Factory

The aim of this cloud kitchen is not to solely produce hemp-infused foods, but also to further raise awareness about how hemp can help with several ailments –– if not as a cure, but for management and on the journey to better overall health. With BOHECO as collaborators, this vision to get India to use hemp and its products to its full potential feels more realistic than ever.

“The seeds and leaves of the cannabis Sativa plant, or bhang, are known for their nutritive and therapeutic effects respectively. The hemp seed is known the world over as a superfood and finds itself a crucial part of local Indian cuisine as well.”

— Yash Kotak, Co-Founder and CMO, Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO)
Image Courtesy: The Hemp Factory

For those unsure about the legality of this ingredient, it is important to know that in 2021, the Food Safety and Security Authority of India (FSSAI) issued a notice stating that ‘hemp seeds, oil and flour shall be sold as a food ingredient’ in accordance with their standards.

While currently only in Mumbai, The Hemp Factory aims to expand to other parts of India, taking the goodness and health of hemp with them.

Find The Hemp Factory here.

Find BOHECO here.

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