Indulge In Artisanal Cheeses Championing Indian Flavours From This Homegrown Brand

Indulge In Artisanal Cheeses Championing Indian Flavours From This Homegrown Brand

If you are craving to eat something indulgent, yet refined, there is only one answer in sight – Cheese! From the creamy Brie, to the sweet yet salty Gruyere to the rich Bel Paese or the flavourful Havarti, not to mention everything from Cheddar to Camembert, the options are endless. Owing to the unique processes and techniques involved, cheese making is a downright art and the resultant products are meant to be savoured as more than just as a part of pasta dishes or cheesecakes and according to those who take their cheese seriously, the best way to truly enjoy it in all its glory is through cheese platters.

Whether you are a veritable cheese platter expert or a cheese platter rookie, the ‘Begum Victoria Cheese Platter’ from Toast & Tonic, BKC is a great option to try out. Featuring a range of their own artisanal cheeses paired with house-made accompaniments such as seasonal fruit chutneys, crackers and nuts, they are a step up from the usual cheese platters. The options for cheeses they have are ever rotating and change based on what is available. This newly launched platter consist of cheeses such as Havarti, Bel-Paese, Brie and Gruyere paired with tangy and chunky tomato and kalonji chutney, seasonal white jamun and nolen gur salsa, smoked apple honey and black jamun spread spiced with star anise and cinnamon. These are accompanied by moringa crackers, rosemary cream crackers, thyme and black sesame crackers and assorted nuts. They also insist on trying all this with one of their eponymous Gin & Tonic.

Begum Victoria Cheese Platter at Toast & Tonic

Fromagers Shruti Golchha and Pooja Reddy along with Chef Manu Chandra has been working together to create the urban artisanal cheese brand Begum Victoria. The cheeses that they offer are handmade, organic and made using traditional methods and responsible sourcing. Infused with various herbs, truffles and edible flowers and more, their products are in keeping with the brand’s efforts to celebrate India’s bio-diversity, working with local producers to ensure that Indian products are championed through their menu.

“We are passionate about quality and provenance and have created our own range of cheeses. We bring a fresh choice of flavours and textures for our customers and to do this we create our own recipes using only the best quality milk. We use vegetarian rennet, time and a whole lot of passion to bring you the best artisanal cheese” said Chef Manu Chandra. “Cheese is pure magic, a form of alchemy; you take a ubiquitous thing like milk and then with a bit of magic and a whole lot of effort, months later you have cheese”, he added.

So the next time you are looking to have your cheese and savour it too, head over to Toast & Tonic at BKC!

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