Indulge Your Cravings In Under 100 Calories With Good Fettle Ice Cream

Indulge Your Cravings In Under 100 Calories With Good Fettle Ice Cream

Unless you are Ross Geller from Friends,the thought of digging into a creamy, sweet dessert like Ice Cream is always appealing. From Haagen Daz to Ben and Jerrys, we all have our favorites that we turn to when we need a pickup, or just want to treat ourselves. But armed with the knowledge of how rich and calorie dense it is, we choose to battle our cravings for the sake of our health. If there was a way infuse the creamy goodness of ice cream with healthy elements, it would be like a dream come true.

This is where Good Fettle comes in. The low calorie light Ice cream with only 70 calories per scoop is filled with prebiotic fibre and is low in sugar and fat. Created after extensive research and trials, it is Asia’s first low calorie Ice Cream brand. By offering a selection of flavours such as Belgian Chocolate Crunch, Creamy Strawberry, Fresh Mango, and Mocha Almond, the brand aims to cater to everybody’s taste. In addition to being low calorie, it also low in carbs and is perfect for those following a Ketogenic or low carb diet. Best of all, the brand only uses natural pulp to add flavor to their ice cream.

So the next time you have feel torn between being health conscious or giving into your cravings, try opting for Good Fettle Ice Cream so that you don’t have to make a choice.

You can find them in select stores across Mumbai or can be ordered through swiggy or their Instagram.

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