Inside A New Era Of Jamshedpur Hip Hop With Johar Jam

Inside A New Era Of Jamshedpur Hip Hop With Johar Jam

The past few years have been an exciting time for hip-hop enthusiasts in the country with a new wave of underground artists that have been able to establish a footing of their own. Owing to numerous artists and collectives, there is a spotlight on hip-hop as a voice of the streets like never before. One such hip-hop collective that has brought the Jamshedpur scene to the forefront is Jamshedpur HipHop TV.

Featuring some of India’s biggest hip hop headliners, their event, Johar Jam was an attempt to bridge the void between Jamshedpur’s hip-hop scene and the major metropolitan cities. With electrifying performances by talented local artists and famous rappers like Gravity, Rapture, and Shinigami; the momentous event that was organised in the early part of December 2021, was a vehement display of the rich and animated culture that Jamshedpur’s hip-hop scene is.

Being Jamshedpur’s first crowdfunded Hip-Hop event, it was kicked off by its founding community – Jamshedpur HipHop TV and in a passionate speech, Johar Jam’s emcee and one of the member artists of Jamshedpur hip-hop – Raajmusic, appealed to the hip hop enthusiasts gathered in Bombay Brew Café to stand united, in order to promote Jamshedpur’s diverse, and distinctive hip-hop culture and put Jamshedpur on India’s hip-hop map.

The majorly successful event also saw performances by Raajmusic (co-founder of Jamshedpur HipHop TV, rapper and lyricist and also the visionary behind Jamshedpur Jamming and Johar Jam), Abhishek Roy, and DZire (Jharkhand’s first female battle rapper) among others.

Checkout Jamshedpur HipHop Tv here.

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