Iro Iro’s Upcycled Products Celebrates The Indigenous Crafts Of India

Iro Iro’s Upcycled Products Celebrates The Indigenous Crafts Of India

The fashion industry is notorious for being one of the largest polluters globally and has a big waste problem. According to The New York Times, nearly three-fifths of all clothing ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being produced. Fast fashion brands with their mass productions and monthly fashion lines add to this problem along with the nature of fashion being ever-changing. But in the post-pandemic world, more and more individuals are turning to sustainable alternatives and slow fashion brands as they become aware of their own consumerist patterns.

“Whenever you invest in an Iro Iro product, you’re not just buying a product, you’re contributing to a revolution-all whilst looking fabulous!” says Iro Iro a consciously bold textile zero waste company that is at the forefront of upcycling. What started from the question of finding a solution to the problem of waste in fashion is now a choice at the core of Iro Iro’s vision.

They say, “To us, fashion has always been a reason to celebrate — something that uplifts the spirit and creates happiness, not just for the individual, but for all those around. So Iro Iro was formed, to bring happiness back to the planet and to those who inhabit it.”

All their products are handwoven and are made from fabric that would otherwise have been sent to the landfill. Their products are woven by weavers from a village near Jaipur, India thus supporting families of weavers by allowing them to pursue a profession they are passionate about, instead of having to move into the unorganised sector. Thus, they also help celebrate and support the indigenous crafts of India. Iro Iro believes that every finished product of theirs “...represents the revival of a dying craft tradition”.

You can check them out here.

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