The Cult Is Real. Is Goa's King's Beer Really Being Launched In Mumbai?

It’s been all of 6 hours since we posted about the untimely departure, death and eventual rebirth of Old Monk in India--all a result of misleading headlines and viral panick. However, the almost resurrection isn’t the only thing that has borderline alcoholics in a tizzy. As of this coming Monday, Goa’s iconic King’s beer is allegedly going to be launched in our home city, Mumbai. Apparently, the brewery themselves confirmed it with livemint. We're not sure if this is some cruel, cruel joke but if it isn't, most regular Goa tourists and locals will tell you, your vacation in the idyllic seaside town hasn’t begun until you’ve opened and downed your first pint of King’s. Now that’s what you call a cult following.

For Those Who’ve Never Tasted Royalty…

King’s Black Label Premium Pilsner

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