‘Is God Punishing The People Of Kerala With Nipah Virus For Eating Beef?’

‘Is God Punishing The People Of Kerala With Nipah Virus For Eating Beef?’
Hindustan Times

The scope of human stupidity and ignorance never ceases to amaze us. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, there are gems that pop up unexpected that catch you completely off-guard, proving to be a good laugh while also making you questions the future of humanity.

Before you judge us for overreacting, let us bring to your attention this incredible quora thread we stumbled upon – the question posited was ‘Is God punishing the people of Kerala with Nipah virus for eating beef?’

The entire conversation is amazing, and the question itself is truly indicative of our current thinking and the general agenda and ideology that is dominant and being propagated in the land of the holy cow.

In May 2017, the Central government banned the sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets, for slaughter. They put stringent rules and regulations in place for the monitoring at many levels—cattle shall be sold only for agricultural purposes. To put it simply, it called for a nationwide beef ban, and the Malayalis weren’t having it. Not only did they completely reject the ban, various political and student organisations came together and revolted in typical Keralite bravado, through ‘beef fests’ across the state.

With this in mind, the quora question read as quite hilarious and gave rise some anger in the answers as well. Ranging from earnest explanations of the origin of the Nipah virus to anger and more tongue-in-cheek responses – it definitely makes an interesting read.

We’re posting some of the responses below, you can read the full thread here.

I. “Yes he is.

He is also punishing the bats, pigs and other animals that are affected by the virus too.

See, God is impartial because most Keralites eat beef.

But which God?

Jesus doesnt care that Keralites eat beef.

Nabi surely doesnt care.

So it is Rama, Shiva or Durga? Did they specifically ask Hindus not to eat beef, but all other life forms? In fact King Rama ate deers while in exile.

So will the God(because this is clearly an issue for Hindu Gods) just punish the Hindus for eating beef or other religion’s followers too?

If God does punish a Christian, will there be fight between Jesus and the Hindu Gods because there is a clear contradiction in their beliefs on what should be consumed?

That would be an interesting fight!”

II. “Drumrolls please!!!

Yes… just like God punished people from UP by not supplying enough oxygen cylinders and killed a few children…

Like those people who were murdered for calling out the shit done by some people in the society.

Like those people who ate what they wanted.

Like those people who are still asking these kind of questions even though God gave them the ability to think and logically reason with.

God is punishing people of kerala for not dealing with the above said so that people who lost their lives would have been alive…”

III. “No. I don’t think so.

If He really wanted to punish, then he would have got the virus on the beef rather than bats that no one eats in Kerala.

By the way, I wonder if Delhi were getting high winds and thunderstorms because of eating too much Chicken Tikka Masala”

IV. “Yes!

I’m so lucky to hear this question in this 21st century.

The above mentioned God, got to know that ‘Keralites are travelling a bit ahead than everyone”. Then he thought ‘അനിയാ,നിൽ!!!.മെതിയെ പോ.’

The very next moment he increased the fuel charge and he keeps on increasing. Gosh

And yes! He is punishing. If you get what I meant, your 2014–2018 life is (and was) pretty awesome.

Don’t forget about this punishment pals.”

In the interest of public safety and awareness – Nipah virus is spread primarily by bats. You can read more about it on the World Health Organisation (WHO) website here.

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