It's Time To #PayTeachersBetter In The Country, Here Are A Few Reasons Why

It's Time To #PayTeachersBetter In The Country, Here Are A Few Reasons Why

The mere mention of teachers often either ignites a sense of dread, or perhaps some warm fuzziness if you were lucky enough to have teachers keen on genuine mentorship. The crux of the matter is that despite the lack of uniformity in our schooling experience, it would be radically unfair to refute that at least some teachers through our schooling were effective in shaping our lives. If we're honest, teachers hold substantial influence over most of us but how often have we ever considered their plight?

This is likely to be a question you'll be left grappling with after watching a new video released by the YouTube account called Teachers of India.

[Watch the video below] 

Engineering Teachers are paid Rs 20 per paper along with a Rs. 120 Travel allowance to assessment centres.
no effort has been made to address the reasons for such incompetence, which in all likelihood is linked to poor compensations.
Image Source: Times Of India
"They can start with just Rs 2,000, and go up to Rs 10,000. It depends on what kind of management it is, and how badly she needs the money."
less than daily wage labourers.
The teachers are paid a paltry sum of Rs. 100 per class full of 600-700 students with a maximum of Rs. 4,000 per month while a daily wage labourer earns Rs 160 per day making it Rs. 4,800 per month for him.
5,000 degree college teachers in Mumbai still waiting for their March salaries.

 Raise Your Voice. It's Time To #PayTeachersBetter.

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