Janaki Anand: The 6-Year-Old Skateboarder Making Waves

Janaki Anand: The 6-Year-Old Skateboarder Making Waves
Image Courtesy: Rejibhaskar

Finding and developing a love for a sport or an activity at a young age brings about a sort of magic that not many other things can touch. Instilling a sense of confidence, worth, and above all, sheer excitement, these hobbies-turned-passion activities can be wondrous.

Janaki Anand, also known as ‘Skate Janzz’ is a 6-year-old from Kollam district, Kerala who exudes a passion for skateboarding. In 2020, when she visited a skate park for the first time, Janaki took to it like a fish to water. This is when the youngster’s mother decided to create an Instagram account for her so she could document and share her skateboarding journey.

Image Courtesy: Yaami

Janaki, even at this tender age continued to hone this craft and sport to the best of her abilities. Even during the COVID-19 lockdowns, she would attempt to learn new tricks each day. Since then, her hard work and determination have come to fruition via various skateboarding competitions and platforms.

Skateboarding has remained a male-dominated sport for a long time, but the tide has been turning. An increasing number of women in the sport do so much for representation in the field and little stars like Janaki will only help things along further – We’re certainly here for it! Undoubtedly, her ardour is infectious which makes it challenging to look away as she glides on her skateboard, navigating everything that comes her way.

Janaki’s passion is more than personal –– it acts as inspiration for young girls across the world and allows them to believe that they can do what she is doing too (or whatever they want to).

Find Janaki Anand here.

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