Johargram Kar Fashion Celebrates The 90s Of Jharkhand’s Regional Cinema

Johargram Kar Fashion Celebrates The 90s Of Jharkhand’s Regional Cinema

NIFT Gandhinagar graduate, Ashish Satyavrat Sahu’s immense love for Jharkhand’s culture and its people shows in his brand ‘Johargram’, which is a celebration of Jharkhand in its truest form. A leading label in the streetwear space, providing a homegrown spin to sustainable and ethical fashion, they have been promoting the textiles of Jharkhand since their inception.

Having always reflected Sahu’s love for all things Jharkhandi, the label’s artistry has always promoted local crafts and put a spotlight on Jharkhand’s lifestyle. Their latest is one-of-a-kind Johargram Kar Fashion, inspired by the music of the 90s and Jharkhandi regional cinema.

The Story Behind Johargram Kar Fashion


Enlivened by the daze of the colourful 90s, India bops to vibrant electric music. Down in hometown Ranchi, this electric trill is tinged by local Chota Nagpur tones as, for the first time in a long time, Jharkhandi superstar Arshad Khan with director Ravi Choudhary, brings mega feature film ‘Preet’ to Jharkhand.

Even more memorable is the earworm ‘Jani Man Kar Fashion.’ To an India used to never seeing Jharkhand or seeing our glorious state in an extremely limited way, this song sings out loud as it tells India that this is also Jharkhand and the Jharkhandi youth are here to stay.

Jharkhandi regional cinema has since seen different kinds of days but we always turn back to Arshad Ji and ‘Jani Man Kar Fashion’ to recall inspiration.


As Jharkhandi Gen-Z steps out into the streets, we are probably living our biggest fashion moment. What better way to celebrate the zeitgeist than by paying homage to our roots? In its biggest fan moment, Johargram joins hands with the lead of ‘Preet’, Arshad Ji, as we recreate ‘Jani Man Kar Fashion.’

More than two decades and a half later, Johargram brings together two shining stars of Jharkhand – Arshad Ji and Sujit Linda with his group of Gen-Z dancers – to celebrate the zest and pride of Jharkhand in ‘Johargram Kar Fashion.’

The label tells us that “Johargram Kar Fashion is a tribute to all the starlets of the Jharkhandi rangamanch (stage) who have gone beyond their circumstances to live with their passion to get Jharkhandi culture on the global map”, adding “26 years later, Johargram Kar Fashion picks up where ‘Jani Man Kar Fashion’ had left and hopes to keep bopping to the beats of freedom and excitement for all that lies ahead.”

Johargram Kar Fashion’s story dates back to 1995 and fast forward to 2022, telling the tale of fashion and identity that dictates the memories of an entire generation that grew up to the tunes of ‘Jani Man Kar Fashion’ starring Jharkhandi cinema’s superstar Arshad Khan.

Watch Johargram Kar Fashion, the 2022 tribute to Jani Man Kar Fashionhere.

The concept and story are by Johargram with direction and editing by @jordon_braka. The words on the story behind the concept are by @vanyalochan with videography by @me._and_my_camera.

The music video features Arshad Khan and Sujit with choreography by @sujitlinda who was assisted by @_roshanshahi_. The dancing team comprised of @adkodoo @_anupss @sky_of__love @raniminz95@shruti_senapati and @it_s__aanch__

The song belongs to the movie Preet (1995) with music by Salem Group and Bhushan Mundu, sung by Bashir Ansari for the banner Conta Advertiser.

Check out Johargram here.

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