Kaagazz Rolling Papers Come Laced With Eco-Friendly Values & South-Asian Identity

Kaagazz Rolling Papers Come Laced With Eco-Friendly Values & South-Asian Identity

India’s relationship with marijuana dates back to the Vedic times. Legend says that the shade of a cannabis plant once sheltered Lord Shiva from the blazing sun. Upon chewing the leaves of the plant, the deity felt rejuvenated and ended up adopting the plant. From holy scriptures to medicinal properties and recreational purposes; the plant has a deep-rooted presence in India’s cultural history.

Today the plant is often used for a liberating experience amongst Indians of all age groups. As Indian companies work towards undoing the stigma attached to the plant, there’s no dearth of hemp-based products and smoker’s kits in the market.

If you’re someone who indulges in the occasional joint or two, we suggest ditching your drab stoner supplies and opting for a fun smoking experience with Kaagazz — an up and coming rolling paper brand.

Besides the apt branding that literally translates to paper in Hindi, the premium rolling paper aims to augment your smoking experience in a way unlike any other, using a paper that is vegan, eco-friendly and very easy to use.

Standing out from the plethora of rolling paper alternatives, Kaagazz proudly celebrates the cultural roots of the recreational drug by paying homage to its South Asian heritage, which has a major influence on the label’s branding. Giving back to the culture is one of the premises that Kaagazz practices and preaches. While appreciating the rich influence that naari (women) have instilled in the culture, the label’s creative director, Divyam Chadha emphasizes on giving back to the community and creating changes at the grassroots level.

A considerable amount of the brand’s annual proceeds go to NGOs that help and support women through their daily struggles.

The newly launched label recently came out with a vegan blend of rolling papers that are not only organic but also save you from fretting over unhealthy, artificial ingredients in your supplies.

The speciality of Kaagazz papers is a smooth and hassle-free experience that aligns with all its products. Roll an extra-large joint with their latest product which is the 32 Leaves and 32 Tips variant. Setting the pace by providing unique paper and premium roaches, Kaagazz is slowly yet steadily finding its place in the hearts of stoners and hand-rolled cigarette smokers.

You can find Kaagazz here.

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