Kanmini’ Presents A Cross-Cultural Play On Desi & Western Aesthetics

Kanmini’ Presents A Cross-Cultural Play On Desi & Western Aesthetics

The Indian art scene finds itself at pinnacles of self-discovery and invention constantly. The aftermath of the pandemic has witnessed an increasing awareness for creative mediums that place emphasis on self-expression and a strong Indian identity that sustains us and sets us apart on the global map.

The Homegrown radar narrows down on artists whose work reflects a distinct sense of identity and creative exploration.

Meet Devesh Pant, a Bangalore based fashion stylist and fashion producer orchestrating a new design language enmeshing Indian sensibilities into contemporary fashion. We got candid with the young creative about his latest project that analyses a growing inclination toward inventiveness and reclaiming narratives across the homegrown fashion landscape.

KANMINI by Devesh Pant

Pant’s photo series KANMINI is breaking through the westernized lens of fashion that overshadows Indian textiles and crafts. Taking a refreshing approach to highlight desi aesthetics with modern panache, the visual series features traditional makeup and an edgy rendition of the kurta salwar rolled into one beautiful set.

Capturing a fine balance between the mundane and the magical, KANMINI packs the intersectional energy of emerging artists dictating the nuances of fashion in contemporary India.

KANMINI by Devesh Pant

“For years, contemporary Indian fashion has been cross-cultural without a particular identity. We’ve always tended to lean towards the influence of western ideals — so much so that for many, the word fashion itself evokes flowing gowns or fitted suits or... you get the gist. With KANMINI, we are breaking that trend by creating something that’s truly Indian, yet conforming to everything that’s expected from global fashion. A mélange of our unique style of clothing with contemporary ideals and a mix of desi aesthetics with western chic.”

— Devesh Pant on KANMINI.

You can view more of his work here.

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