Kiss & Tell: Young Indians Tell Us About Their First Kisses

Kiss & Tell: Young Indians Tell Us About Their First Kisses
Disha Joshi(L), Mohit Tiwari(R)

There’s something significantly special about ‘firsts’ in our lives. A symbolic rite of passage, our urge to document, reflect back or savour the nostalgia of ‘first times’ has always been accepted as a sweet tradition that goes unquestioned, from our first steps to the initial rush of experiencing adrenaline on a ferris wheel or even a first career milestone. Of all the first-time rush stories etched into our memory, the one that ‘counts’ the most is our first kiss.

The definition of a ‘first kiss’ has no set timeline or objective storyline to it as it differs from person to person. Be it at sweet 16 or a seasoned 26, the magic of it is what you make it to be. You may consider your first kiss as the first consensual kiss, first queer kiss, first childhood kiss or any affection smooch you actually enjoyed.

We’re skipping out on the ‘don’t’ kiss and tell’ dictum and asking young Indians to tell us some exciting first kiss stories to put you in your feelings.

Apocalyptic Rush

It wasn’t even about the act or what it signifies or means socially in terms of your life’s story. It was everything but that. It was the scene. Albeit my birthday, she was the first to come, trying her best to look good as quickly as possible after getting free from work, with a book in hand — Metamorphosis and Other Stories by Franz Kafka. I tried to contain my excitement but the only thing I could think about was how I could kiss her. The next thing I know, everyone has left. We were sitting on my drawing room sofa with our heads titled back, laughing about our drunkenly filled musings until there was a succinct moment of silence. That’s when I pulled the trigger.

It wasn’t even about the act or what it signifies or means socially in terms of your life’s story. It was the longing. It was the rush of endorphins when I asked her if I could kiss her. It was the heavy gasps of breath two human beings took before they decided to let their guards completely down and become one. - Yatin, 26

First Timers Panic

It happened during the fall of 2018, the first year of college when this super amazing girl and I were starting to spend a lot of time together. We’d spend hours on end after class to talk about anything and everything. Nonetheless, it was really hard for me to confess my feelings for her because I had no idea if she felt the same way or not.

I did tell her eventually and as it turned out, she said she really liked me too and then there was this moment when we just sat at favorite spot in college, smiling like everything in the universe had suddenly become so right.

Maybe it was because we were both girls, or maybe it was the inexperience but none of us could actually make the first move. We really wanted to but something held us back. It took 15 minutes of awkward sexual tension and an irresistible urge to hold her when the butterflies in my stomach couldn’t hold back and I did lean in.

And, then we kissed - It was sweet, it was perfect. - Pallavi Kapoor, 21

Sweet Nothings

So, this is about a guy who skateboards and loves the same music as I do.

I’d been seeing this guy for a few months. One day after a museum detour with our friends, we all hung out together at the park. The chemistry was there but I was nervous to make a move in public. On our way back, I finally decided to do something and ran up to him. It was more like a platonic crush than anything but it felt so liberating to just lean in and live in the moment. - Alex, 22

A Planned Encounter

My first kiss was actually in my school’s terrace classroom. I knew it was going to happen. And I like going into every situation fully prepared. So, I’d actually YouTube’d all different types of ‘how to kiss’ tutorials and you’d be surprised how many of them are out there. But yeah, when it happened, all my brain was thinking was omg I’m kissing someone. And then I came back home and told my sister. – Gouri Bhuyan.

Cover image courtesy: Disha Joshi(L), Mohit Tiwari(R)

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