Ladies, These Sanitary Pads Promise To Reduce Your Menstrual Cramps

Ladies, These Sanitary Pads Promise To Reduce Your Menstrual Cramps

Magic carpets, genies, fairy-godmothers and unicorns might be the work of fables and myths but what if we told you we stumbled upon sanitary napkins that claim to ease the monthly wrath we face? This is not a drill. We repeat, this is not a drill.

Pinq sanitary napkins and pantyliners are equipped with ‘Anion’ technology—a green/blue/pink strip in the center of the sanitary napkin containing negatively charged ions. These ions help reduce cramp-induced pain on your period and also act as an antibacterial agent. Launched in May 2017, Delhi-based mother-daughter duo Gurdeep and Manvinn Arora are the first to introduce this technology in India. These pads are generally produced in China, and then exported to Europe and the United States.

The pads are encased within an indie-pop patterned disposable pouch, rendering that ‘black plastic bag’ we’re all so used to, useless. Their products are targeted at women on the go, and are suitable for heavy to light menstrual flows. Also for those who are worried about the pads being itchy or uncomfortable due to all the technology going on down there—worry not, there is a rash-free cotton layer on top, for extra comfort.

However, keep in mind that these are not a substitution for oral medication in case you experience extreme menstrual cramps. According to a Pinq spokesperson, “Using these pads over a period of time would make a woman realise the effectiveness of this technology in reducing pain.”

Currently, they have four kinds of packages available:

  • A box of 12 sanitary napkins priced at INR 399.
  • A box of 25 panty liners priced at INR 399.
  • A box of 40 sanitary napkins at INR 999.
  • A box of 12 sanitary pads, 25 panty liners, body cleanser, moisturiser, shower gel, face mask, hand sanitiser, lip balm, personal diary, earphone holder, bookmark, green tea and other goodies — price to be announced soon.

All Pinq products can be bought on their website. They will also soon be available on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Purplle and Nykaa. You can check out their Instagram and Facebook page to view customer reviews.

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