How Bengaluru's Cult Gym Is Redefining Your Work Out

How Bengaluru's Cult Gym Is Redefining Your Work Out
Cult Gym

Bengaluru is redefining the way we work out and people are loving it. The aptly named Cult gym is taking the city by storm, starting with one location in 2015 to four outlets in 2016 with further expansions taking place this year. The renegade fitness startup uses no machines and minimal equipment, focusing on developing a strong core among each of its members instead of bedazzling the eyes with rows of treadmills and other expensive equipment.

Cult provides MMA, boxing, yoga, zumba and strength and conditioning classes. The most equipment gym members can expect to find are a boxing ring, jump ropes, boxing bags, tyres, speed chutes, resistance bands and plyometric boxes. The gyms are refurbished warehouses, providing no shortage of space and a refreshing difference opposed to the more claustrophobic gyms that are chockablock during peak workout periods.

Co- Founder Rishab commented on YourStory “Cult focuses on correct form and posture to avoid common workout injuries. We don’t recommend any supplements, powders or pills. We do, however, ask members to eat clean and follow a decent lifestyle that does not involve a strict diet. We make sure that we often take them out for running, cycling, swimming or make them play a sport.”

Just when you thought this was too good to be true, Cult lets you book single classes on their website for Rs. 300. This way members can avoid the guilt that ensues when you subscribe to a gym membership, but happen to miss the majority of the classes. And gym rats, who don’t have motivational issues, can opt for the unlimited class package for Rs. 9000. This package allows members to attend as many classes as they like for a period of three months.

So if going to the gym is your New Year’s resolution, don’t stress. Even if you hardly attend Cult classes, it’s not much money out of your pocket.

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