Blue Whales Were Spotted Off Maharashtra's Coast After 100 Years

Blue Whales Were Spotted Off Maharashtra's Coast After 100 Years
Few things make us quite as ecstatic as even the merest suggestion of positive change in India’s current environmental climate. Narendra Modi’s government has already been heavily criticised for the alleged war it seems intent on waging on our environment, while over 200 out of 350 industrial projects that had been temporarily halted due to forest ministry concerns were given the green signal in the last 8 months. Still, just a few months ago we also reported a 30% spike in India’s Tiger population, which set a benchmark for global wildlife conservation worldwide. With blue whales, the world’s largest mammal, just having been spotted off the coast of Maharashtra multiple times between March and May, we’re hoping there's more good news to come. 
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“need to do further research to understand whether it is climate change or other changes in the sea that are causing these whales to come so close to the shore.”
"taking more tourists out there if the sightings become more regular"
“Mammals like the blue whale often frequent the coasts of India. However, the issue is that there has been no documentation of the same. Authorities should invest more such studies to protect the endangered species.”
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