Chennai Boy Invented A Device That Could Save Newborns From Jaundice

Chennai Boy Invented A Device That Could Save Newborns From Jaundice

Having a doctor or engineer in the family is every Indian parent’s dream. Vivek Kopparthi beat all those expectations though, when he ended up on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List of Super Achievers. As co-founder and CEO of Neolight, a company that engineers medical devices, he has made waves in the neonatal health scene.

Neolight has developed disruptive phototherapy technology to treat infant jaundice. This technology has been designed to cure jaundice more efficiently and safely, than any other procedure available. The prototypes were developed in collaboration with engineers from the Arizona State University and Dignity Health, the fourth largest hospital network in the US and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Infants are given treatment within the first few days after birth, reducing the possibility further complications from a lengthy treatment. The company claims that its device is the only product on the market that can completely eradicate it, worldwide. It is said to be faster and more cost-effective than any other device on the market.

Although the company has only worked on technology to eradicate jaundice, they are also working towards a treatment for infant hypothermia. It will be patented in 2016 and then released in 2017.

Besides Vivek Kopparthi, Forbes has also featured several other Indians from different fields of work.

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