Delhi Double Decker Luxury Buses Set To Run On Alternate Fuel

Delhi Double Decker Luxury Bus
Delhi Double Decker Luxury Bus

In order to curb private vehicle use, the government is looking to make public transport more comfortable and efficient. According to this report by Indiatimes the first attempt to execute this will be by introducing double decker luxury buses from Delhi to cities like Mumbai, Jaipur and Ludhiana. This fleet of buses will be air conditioned with an on board hostess. The government plans to run these buses on alternate fuels like ethanol,methanol and even electricity; making charges “economical”. The government will also erect an electric line - Delhi to Mumbai - to be reserved for electric transport exclusively.

According to Business Today there is also an effort to introduce indigenous technology; like running buses on ethanol as UP farmers can produce the fuel from sugarcane.The government has started 200 electric taxis at Nagpur and erected 25 charging stations; they intend to replicate that model. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari told Business Today that the government’s priority is to promote clean fuel and cut on the huge Rs 7 lakh crore import bills that India incurs per annum.

According to this report by the Times Of India, a consultant has been appointed to study automobile standards of Germany, France, UK and Sweden - right from fuel and the government will accept the recommendations given and run vehicles accordingly.

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