Feminine Hygiene Brand Using Plant Fibres For A Sustainable Intimate Care Experience

Feminine Hygiene Brand Using Plant Fibres For A Sustainable Intimate Care Experience
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Personal hygiene is not a luxury, but a necessity in a world which has succumbed to one of the most dangerous pandemic outbreaks in the 21st century. However, to truly make personal hygiene a way of life, what we need is awareness and accessibility to safe products. One of the most adversely affected groups in this regard is women’s, for whom good personal hygiene is of utmost importance, and is related majorly to their monthly cycles and maternity period. However, most of these products made commercially consist of synthetic fibres and can be harmful in case of prolonged contact. Moreover, these products are non-biodegradable and get accumulated as debris for an indefinite period, thereby leading to ecological damage, and contributing to an unsustainable lifestyle.

This is where the value of organic personal care brands, promoting a zero-waste lifestyle comes in. Founded by Deepanjali Kanoria in 2017, Heyday is an intimate hygiene brand simultaneously engaged in building a sustainable way of life. The brand brings all-natural and organic sanitary napkins and panty liners made from plant-based fibres for a safer, softer and healthier intimate care experience. Made from pure organic plant-based fibres, Heyday products provide a rash-free, allergy-free, comfortable journey of care. While conventional products in the marketplace are laden with chemicals, plastics, bleaches and perfumes that are extremely harmful to our bodies, Heyday products are derived from corn and bamboo fibres. On average, a family uses about 20,000 personal care products in their life that take more than 500 years to break down. Heyday products are biodegradable and decompose within 2 years from the disposal, thus saving the Earth from acres of polluted landfills.

The first Heyday product to hit the shelves in October 2017 was an all-natural and organic sanitary napkin followed by the panty liners that saw a soaring success having inspired over 3,50,000 women to adopt educated menstrual hygiene choices within two years of its launch.

With the astute uses of all-natural and organic products, the brand has taken a step in the right direction to revolutionise the personal care industry at a time when the world is increasingly looking for better alternatives to create a sustainable future.

Deepanjali has always believed, “You have two homes, your body and the environment- care for both.” Heyday reflects a similar ideology and is centred around changing the current narrative with its better care that is safer, healthier, softer and more honest.

Born and brought up in the capital, Deepanjali, 28, uses her entrepreneurial drive to make a difference in the personal care space with the introduction of sustainable practice. She graduated from Columbia in 2014 and worked at a Big-Four firm, Ernst & Young as a financial advisory consultant in Manhattan, before moving back to India and starting Heyday.

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