Have A Smoother & Cleaner Smoking Experience With These Filters From Rolling Filters India

Rolling Filters
Rolling FiltersRolling Filters

With all the facets of lifestyle consumption inculcating a greener and environmental friendly approach, it’s no surprise that this trend would eventually find its way to recreational culture of smoking.

Presenting, ‘Rolling Filters’ – an Indian company that promises an elevated smoking experience by the means of activated charcoal. The activated charcoal in their products promises a purer and cleaner smoking experience by filtering out all the impurities from the skunk (not just the tobacco). The activated charcoal also creates a cooling system and hence provides a novel smoking experience.

The German made ActiTube filter consists of a plant based activated carbon. Coming in a variation of sizes, these filters cools down the smoke leaving gustatory cells tingling with a refreshingly pleasant taste. The Purize Xtra Slim Siza filter contains a large surface area for adsorption to render a smooth and unadulterated experience. Finally, the Rolls69 filter prevents a scratchy throat due to its unique cooling system which contains several rows of holes blown into each of the papers to cool down the air and smoke.

ActiTube by Rolling Filters

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