#HGDrop: Indian Brand Leading Ingredient Centric Eco Friendly Skin Care Movement

#HGDrop: Indian Brand Leading Ingredient Centric Eco Friendly Skin Care Movement

There is nothing quite like a quiet night at home, slathering on a rich moisturizer or clearing up your skin with overnight treatments. But at a time when we are all concerned about ways to live an eco-friendly and plastic free life, using bath and body products with plastic packaging just to feel pampered, often goes against our very principles. But with the raising consciousness about being environment friendly, new brands have come into play that are as concerned about the same causes as us.

Organic Riot is an Indian skincare brand that has put time and effort into creating a range of products that do not compromise on results or ethics. Roping in one of the best natural skincare formulators in the world, they have created products that use ECOCERT approved ingredients, food grade carrier oils and preservatives, certified organic ingredients, natural sunscreen and most of all, recycled and recyclable packaging. While the brand is Indian, it is made in New Zealand, using ingredients from all over the world to create products that are effective.

Their Anti Acne Serum or ‘Zap’, Anti Pollution Moisturizer or ‘Smog Blocker’, Anti Pigmentation Serum or ‘Dazzle’ are all products that have quickly garnered shining reviews. What truly piques our interest is the effort that the ingredient-centric brand is taking to educate people regarding conscious choices when it comes to embracing a more natural approach to skin care and reducing the usage of plastic in our daily lives.

So if you are looking for skin care products that are both good for your skin and the environment, Organic Riot might just be the brand that you had been waiting for.

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