Indian Skateboarding Crew From The North East Is Promoting Skate Culture Through Film & Photography

Indian Skateboarding Crew From The North East Is Promoting Skate Culture Through Film & Photography

Hucko – fall & rise.

Named after the Tripura word for ‘smoke’, comes Hucko, a one-of-a-kind skate crew pushing the boundaries of skate culture in India through film, photography and art.

A pioneering community of young skateboarders, the Hucko boys are simply looking to spread good vibes and have fun while doing so. Their collective love for skateboarding culture took a life of its own when they began documenting it.


“Our main goal is to promote skateboarding where it doesn’t even exist”, says Tripura based filmmaker Boyer Debbarma(22), who initiated Hucko back in October 2018. The crew further consists of Daniel Chorei(21), Jittu Hajong(26), Chiba Mark(25), Edivaldo Pereira(23), Giovani Majaw(22) and Rotha Moslsom(20). An intermingling mix of talented youngsters who shoot, edit, write, design and obviously, skate.

Their skate videos are hard to ignore – the neatly shot films, cut to some smooth-ass music, often has the crew terrorizing barren streets with their sick skateboarding moves. But some of the magical moments is also seeing the surrounding crowd light up seeing these athletes do their magic on these wooden board. And that’s the important part!

You see, culture brings people together and skateboarding is a great example of that. Boyer emphasises on the need for more skateboarding narratives to mushroom throughout the country and thus foster confidence and freedom among the youth. This is why Hucko travelled the likes of Delhi, Jaipur, Pushkar, Manali, Shillong and more to skateboard in it’s streets and raise awareness about the culture. With ‘Ston’, they documented the story of Adnan Zayed, one of the very few skateboarders from ‘Leh’, furthering the point of how individual efforts can help build an entire community.

On 21st June, they’re celebrating Go Skateboarding Day in Guwahati to highlight and promote the growing skateboarding scene in north east. The entire day will consist of cruising the city, street jams, downhill cruising and hitting all the street spots. Another proof of how Hucko is keeping it gnarly and truly repping India’s growing skate culture.

You can check them out on their website, Instagram or Facebook.

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