India's Fastest Sports Car Created By IIT Students Is Set To Race Globally

Completed in nine months’ time by the racing team of IIT Mumbai, ORCA became India’s fastest racing car on Sunday. Designed by 75 students, the car will race in Formula Student Competition in july in United Kingdom, which is the international formula one for engineering students. The competition judges the cars on the type of engineering and presenting skills among other parameters.

Source: IIT Bombay Racing

Sponsored by NRD Bearings, Tata Motors, CEAT tyres and others, the car has an acceleration of 0-100kmph in 3.47 seconds. “ORCA is faster than any other sports car made by Porsche, Tesla or Audi. Not only is its acceleration a record, it is the first time we have a special steel-frame chassis with carbon-fibre manufactured body, which not only reduces the weight but also stabilises the car at high speeds,” explains a 4th year student of Engineering Physics and leader of Team ORCA, Rishabh Kappasia to Times of India.
Founders of Agni, Prithvi and electric Evo Series in the past, the team has been competing in the competition since the past five years and are the only team to receive the the FS award for design improvement for three consecutive years. They have been on the overall rank within the first 50s over the past two years as well. With the ORCA heading the race of India’s fastest sports car and its intelligent functioning, it seems like the team would not face any exception in holding their desired position of being under top 20 this time.

Words: Karan Kaul 

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