Satnam Singh Makes History As The First India-Born Player in the NBA

Satnam Singh Makes History As The First India-Born Player in the NBA
the first India-born player to be selected in the 2015 NBA draft by Dallas Mavericks.
“I feel good,”
“I feel excited I am now with a team that I can get a lot better [with] the next couple years.”
"A lot of people are texting me every day, 'When are you going to the NBA?' And I say, 'It's not easy.' You work hard, then you go play in the NBA. It's not easy for anyone,"
"India is a lot better now, A lot of NBA coaches are over there training in Bombay (Mumbai), Delhi and Punjab — my state — too. It's gotten a lot better in the last two years, three years. It's (very) popular over there."
"He's nice. He's good. He's definitely rough around the edges, but, man, he's big,"
"He was on my team. He set some big ball screens and he can really hit the pull-up, pick-and-pop shots. So he's definitely going to be on a team."
"This is the best route for him to begin peaking at 22 or 23 years old.  He can now focus 24 hours a day and seven days a week on competing with players his size along with expert coaching daily."
"In the case of Satnam, the general feedback on him has been consistent on both fronts when looking at his strong and weak points. To no surprise to us, nearly all have indicated that his speed, lateral quickness, and reaction time is lacking. However, they have all spoken very highly of Satnam's body size, hand size, physical strength, solid work ethic, crafty inside footwork off post, soft perimeter shooting touch with range, as well as his positive upside as a young player."
"I feel good about it because in India there are a lot of Indian players who could have a chance to come here and play in college and high schools,"
"I think I can open the door for everyone to come here and play. So it's good for India and all the players. It's good for me and my country."
“I think [India] will be the next China, especially with him getting drafted,”
“He’ll be like the next Yao Ming of India. I think India needed him to open up all the doorways for the kids out there. It is big out there, but the kids don’t have the opportunity, and I think him being here will give them the opportunity.”