Stingrays And Jellyfish Spotted On Mumbai's Beaches, Officials Sound Alert

Stingrays And Jellyfish Spotted On Mumbai's Beaches, Officials Sound Alert

If you are going to venture into the beaches anytime soon, do pay heed to the BMC notice asking people to stay away. With the continuous influx of Ganpati Visarjans, processions and weekend revellers, it is advisable to stay alert as Jellyfishes and Stingrays might sting and hurt you.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, around 200 jellyfish have already been spotted at Chowpatty. “A day before Ganeshotsav began; our survey found a lot of jellyfish as it is their breeding season. While colonies of jelly fish are found to be present at the surface, stingrays are found at the seabed,” said Yuvaraj Chougule, assistant commissioner, department of fisheries to HT.

In 2014, some 19 people were injured by these aquatic animals while more than 60 were harmed in 2013 at Juhu and Girgaum Chowpatty respectively. Continuing the trend of awareness among beach goers, BMC has put up informative boards at the venues. Medical support and first-aid has been made available at the site along with doctors, ambulances and necessary drugs for treatment. They have also asked people to hand-over their idols to BMC appointed personnel for the immersions. “the civic body had earlier made arrangements for 300 steel plates, 54 control rooms, 376 lifeguards, 45 first-aid health centres, 55 motor boats, 70 temporary toilets and 60 watch towers, among others,” reported Indian Express.

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

“The fisheries department has however cleared that this is the season when fishes get washed out in big numbers. It is a protocol to issue an advisory to BMC in the wake of threats from such fishes as they may pose danger to citizens. The fisheries department advisory states that citizens should not venture into the sea without clothes for immersion and should wear gumboots to avoid stingray attacks,” DNA reported.

Stingrays and Jellyfish are believed to travel with currents. While the sharp barbs of the stingray can pierce skin, the tentacles of jellyfish can cause a surge of electricity, a burning sensation, itching and swelling. Experts have advised to use saltwater to clean the injured area, apply vinegar and then consult a doctor.

Officials said in the HT report that would conduct a survey at the beaches on Friday. Some experts have hinted on the immersion process being detrimental for these aquatic lives in the past. With such incidents occurring every year during the festival season, all we can hope for are stricter corrective measures that benefit everybody.

Words: Preksha Malu

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