Who's Living Sustainably & How You Can Do It

Who's Living Sustainably & How You Can Do It

I. Riddhima Pandey - The 11 Year Old At The Forefront Of Climate Activism In India

Hailing from Uttarakhand, Riddhima Pandey was spurred into action after witnessing the Kedarnath floods of 2013. Riddhima studying in class 8, became a prominent name in 2017 when she filed a petition in the National Green Tribunal against the government for failing to take action on climate change. “I love nature and wildlife and they perished in the floods. All our government promises are on paper but lack action and that’s why I sued my government in 2017,” Riddhima said.

II. This Manipuri Man Spent 17 Years Planting A 300 Acre Forest

After having left his job as a medical representative, Loiya shifted to Phunshilok, where he started living in a small hut built by himself. He lived there for 6 years, and planted bamboo, oak, ficus, magnolia, teak and jackfruit trees among others. 45-year old Moirangthem Loiya is a beacon of hope at a time when the world has plunged into the depths of climatic disasters. At a time when climatic concerns are at the crux of global geopolitical decision-making, this man has proved that each of us can play their part in caring for the environment in their own little ways.

III. Learn How To Make Your Own Bamboo Cycle With Vijay Sharma

Sharma created India’s first bamboo bicycle back in 2009, and is now opening up his workshop for other like-minded individuals to come, learn and make their very own Bambike, as it is more commonly known. Bamboo doesn’t look like the sturdiest material to support a human weight but it’s actually quite the opposite. The whole bike, while incredibly light, is surprisingly durable. Sharma’s bikes were put to the test at a 900 kilometre, eight-day-long mountain biking event and came out victorious.

IV. How An Indian Mechanical Engineer Invented The World’s Cheapest Portable Water Filter

Niranjan Karagi once saw school children in a playground filling up their plastic bottle from a likely unsafe tap. Fully aware of the various diseases caused by contaminated or dirty water, Niranjan couldn’t help but question: doesn’t everyone deserve access to safe drinking water? This led him to invent and patent the world’s cheapest portable water purifier – NirNal.

V. ‘Malai’ — A Sustainable Fashion Label Using Coconut Waste To Make Vegan Leather

Embracing this new wave of slow fashion is ‘Malai’ - a Kerala-based initiative that’s producing vegan alternatives to leather. Across the country, the leather industry in known to be one of the leading agents of industrial pollution. Malai is countering this by developing biocomposite substitutes to leather using sustainable bacterial cellulose, grown using agricultural waste sourced from the coconut industry in Southern India.

VI. Mud On Boots — An Initiative Empowering Grassroots Conservationists Of India

In January 2017, the Sanctuary Nature Foundation launched the Mud on Boots Project with the aim to strengthen the very roots of Indian wildlife conservation. “As the name implies, the project was developed to empower those conservationists who are doing valuable work in the field, who have mud on their boots, but who tend to fall under the radar of governments, large wildlife organisations and the media.

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