Taking A Break From Goa's Beaches: Terra Conscious Shows You What Lies Beyond

Taking A Break From Goa's Beaches: Terra Conscious Shows You What Lies Beyond
Terra Conscious India

What do you actually think of when you think about Goa? Is it the warm, sun-kissed beaches, loud parties, beach-side shacks or the waterfalls gushing past the lush green vegetations during the monsoons? Well, to be honest, Goa is all of them and none of them at the same time. For example, you might think that since you have visited all the 5 or 6 famous beaches of Goa, you know what the ‘beaches of Goa’ are all about. Or if you’ve tried that one famous cocktail that everyone talks about, you know all about what the Goans drink. But, let me tell you this is nothing close to the truth. Traditional travel magazines or packages would only give you information about certain stock destinations and not tell you what lies behind the snazzy facade of Goa that you see.

Here in Terra Conscious however, you can peep a lot into what goes on behind the curtains and find out something that you never knew existed here. Based out of the beautiful beaches of North Goa, Terra Conscious is a marine conservation-based social enterprise driven by a team of passionate conservationists. They are making a breakthrough in sustainable travelling in India by empowering the local community through their responsible marine, education-oriented and coastal experiences. As a social enterprise, their mission is to maximise environmental and social impact. Through their travel experiences they aim to focus on creating awareness, building capacity of various stakeholders and enabling them to address the numerous conservation challenges at hand.

Terra Conscious offers ethical nature conservation-based activities that provide an opportunity to engage with the local marine & coastal biodiversity and ecosystems. Their trips are knowledge-driven, conducted in partnership with local communities and aim to be as sustainable and eco-conscious as possible.

The experiences provided by them include the Ocean Biodiversity Experience, the Mangrove & Estuary Experience, the Backwater Kayaking Trail, Backyard Cycling Trail and the Forest Walk.

For more information on their guided tours, check out their website here.

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