‘The Farm’ In Pune Is A Refurbished Forested Patch That Promotes Zero Wastage And Sustainable Living

‘The Farm’ In Pune Is A Refurbished Forested Patch That Promotes Zero Wastage And Sustainable Living
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If you live in a chaotic concrete jungle like I do, you too would be missing the serene tranquillity of mother nature. Granted, it’s more do with the contempt of blaring horns and the accompanying fuggy atmosphere, but one thing remains unchanged: its always rejuvenating to be in the nature’s company. So, if you’re yearning for a quick respite from your city’s hustle-bustle, The Farm in Pune is the perfect place for you!

Pooja Bhale is a conservation biologist, ecological educator and a sustainability lifestyle coach. Founding director of Protecterra Ecological Foundation (PEF), she is also the soul and brains behind The Farm. The Farm is a refurbished forested patch that promotes zero wastage and sustainable living. Based within Pune’s city limits, The Farm is a green escape from the urban life offering farm stay experiences, community supported agriculture, meditation, conscious dinners, community living and more. In fact, Pooja herself lives in a tent at The Farm.

“Saving the planet is such a self-righteous concept”, says Pooja, who started The Farm with the intention of love, awareness and learning. Spread over 2 acres and adjoined by forest land, 80% of the space is made from scrap, waste and minimal concrete. Its also now a home to over 1400 trees, 62 species of birds, butterflies and is visited by langurs, spotted deer and wild boar.

From bird watching, nature trails and overnight stays, there’s a lot to do here at The Farm. It has an open community kitchen to cook, eat and chat. It also has a 15,000 sq. ft organic farm which offers community supported agriculture membership. Additionally, it also offers monthly and annual adoption of trees.

“The farm just grounds you and the earth just heals you. It’s like getting a really warm hug”, says Pooja. All in all, it’s her sincere effort to create a space for one to just be and enjoy the company of nature. A place created out of love, The Farm does a great job of spreading awareness and compassion in these dire times. Pooja welcomes you to have a stay at The Farm by saying, “In today’s frenetic world there is an urgent need to stop, think and reflect. The Farm is about sustainable living, learning, and leadership, with respect, responsibility and compassion, for oneself and others. We will be happiest when our visitors take the advantage to stop, reflect and listen.”

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