There’s An App That Will Help You Grow Your Own Vegetables At Home

There’s An App That Will Help You Grow Your Own Vegetables At Home

A hint of green in your homes is always a pleasant sight to behold. Besides, with the need for organic farming increasing steadily, there is nothing safer than growing your veggies in your own home, knowing without a doubt that they are 100% safe to consume. But different plants require different types of care and nourishment, and the newly developed app, Grow2Share, recognises this and can act as step-by-step guide to help your care for your plants, along with information on generating compost using organic waste.

Image Source: Grow2Share Facebook Page

Grow2Share has been founded by Apoorva Jaiswal, Friedrike Fokuhl and Mayank Agarwal in late 2016. It is based in Bengaluru and uses an interactive interface and resources to help its users learn to grow their vegetables and fruits in their own homes. It also acts as a social networking platform, where users can chat with other gardeners and post pictures of whatever they’ve grown.

“Our primary and immediate goal is to encourage people to grow their own healthy and pesticide-free vegetables, and share their produce with others. But in a long run, we want to create green spaces in the city and be completely sustainable as a community,” said Apoorva Jaiswal. She also suggests that involving children in the care for the plant will make them environment sensitive.

This app also helps connect users with vendors who can supply them with seeds, soil and manure grown naturally, and recently they set a stall at Open House Edition II at Bengaluru, where they gave saplings away to visitors. On 2nd June, they also revealed their look of a mini-farm, 48 sq. ft. in size, with saplings of dominantly used household vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, basil, lettuce, spinach, carrot, radish, beetroot, tomato, chilli, cucumber, bitter gourd, onion, and garlic planted in it.

The app was launched on both Android and iOS in celebration of World Environment Day, on 5th June. With the use of this app, the founders hope that they encourage the growth of organic foods and bring about a more natural version of the Green Revolution.

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