These Plastic Waste Innovations In India Are Creating A Sustainable Future

These Plastic Waste Innovations In India Are Creating A Sustainable Future
As much as we wish it were true, plastic waste doesn’t simply disappear after we dump it into the bin. It causes a horrible menace, and the ever-increasing consumption of plastic, currently estimated at 5.6 million tonnes every year in India according to the Central Pollution Control Board report released in 2013, makes it a bigger waste problem than we're equipped to deal with. One we'd be better off tackling sooner rather than later. In a country like India, something that's strong, durable and cheap is only likely to grow in its consumption but since it's non-biodegradable too, it's imperative that recycling becomes part and parcel of a nation's waste disposal process or the image of Texas-sized plastic islands floating out in the middle of the pacific ocean won't seem as distant as it does now.
To our relief, several recycling initiatives and environmental projects are already in full-swing to help improve sustainability. Since we still have an incredibly long way to go, we recommend you to do your bit by handling your waste responsibly. Till then, here are five of our favourite ways in which plastic waste has been put to good use in India. We were fairly impressed by these innovative ideas, not-so-trashy after all.

I. Roads X Plastic


II. Bricks X Plastic

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III. Clothing X Plastic

"We feel socially responsible as a unit wearing this kit and doing our bit for the environment. So, in that regards, I am really proud of what Nike has given us,"

IV. Fuel X Plastic

V. 3-D printers X Plastic


 Words: Sushant Kumar 

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