In Bangalore, A Company Is Using Plant Fibres To Make Eco-Friendly Tableware

In Bangalore, A Company Is Using Plant Fibres To Make Eco-Friendly Tableware

The knowledge that our planet is in a grave situation is hardly breaking news. The sustainability of its ecosystem has been teetering on the point of no return for years and although there are hundreds of dedicated individuals and collectives trying relentlessly to stem the tide of destruction, there is only so much that can be done when the little aspects continue to be ignored. One company determined to improve the environment from the roots is Bangalore-based company Earthware, which has designed a range of entirely eco-friendly food containers and cutlery.

Their products are constructed out of plant fibres which means that not only are they 100 per cent biodegradable but they’re also safer and more healthy to eat out of. Their journey began in 2011 when they decided to source a solution for the overflowing landfills and islands of plastic that have been steadily growing for decades.

Plastic is a cheap and easy construction material but it has cost us a lot in the way of plant and animal life. They struggled to find bio-friendly products in India and realised that there were next to no options in this arena. They tested, researched and tested again trying to find the right base for their idea. Finally they settled on bagasse, the residual fibres from sugar processing and rice husks were good alternatives along with jute, cotton, coir and areca. They then set about trying to replace as many plastic products as possible with their safer alternatives.

Today, they have created an army of products including natural fibre reusable tableware, bagasse takeaway boxes, edible cutlery, coconut coir pots, earthenware, jute bags and many more. When they began they never anticipated the appeal they would have, as owner Samanvi Bhoraj says, “We weren’t looking at it as a business: it was more of a social responsibility thing for us. The business has emerged now,” but the truth is people do want to make a difference, and companies like Earthware are creating opportunities to be eco-conscious without compromising on quality or disturbing peoples’ daily routine. This may be a chance to introduce healthy living and perhaps spell a brighter future for the sustainability of the planet.

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