This Horse Assisted Therapy Workshop in Maharashtra Could Help Better Your Mental Health

This Horse Assisted Therapy Workshop in Maharashtra Could Help Better Your Mental Health

Cat lovers know the joy of how the soft purring of your furry friend can calm you down and dog lovers know the joy they find in being greeted at the door by their best friend. Some refer to it as a therapeutic feeling - something that makes their mind at ease. Scientifically there has been proof that interacting with animals have had significant effect in alleviating many conditions, ranging from anxiety to substance abuse.

The relationship between humans and horses have a long history. But owing to the fact that they are not essential in our lives anymore, their presence have dwindled down in our daily lives. But much like our favourite household pets or even more so than them, horses are great options for Animal Assisted Therapy, also known as Equine Therapy. While it may seem like a far fetched idea, Equine Therapy is a treatment for physical, mental and cognitive concerns that has been discussed by everyone from Psychology Today to The Guardian.

In India, Fazlani Natures Nest in Vadgaon, Maharashtra is a wellness resort and spa that organises Equine Therapy Workshops designed as animal interaction and consciousness session. Owing to their capability to mirror and respond to human behaviors, horses make for great companions for assisted therapy. This method is a great way to help people cope with ADHD, autism, eating disorders, abuse, depression, grief, trauma and anxiety. It is also a great method to develop positive qualities such as accountability, responsibility, confidence, problem solving skills and self-control. The treatment involves the participants interact closely and bonding with the horses through feeding, cleaning, grooming and riding sessions.

The workshop at Fazlani Natures Nest is for a duration of 2-4 days and is conducted in groups of at least 10 participants. The package also includes stay in premium guestrooms, organic meals at the farm to fork restaurant, wellness activities including yoga and meditation, workshop and horse interaction sessions.

If you think that Equine Therapy is something that could help your state of being, this workshop might have just been what you were looking for. You can find more details about them on their website.

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