‘Lilith' By Mizuchi Is A Techno-Infused Expression Of Emotional Vulnerability

‘Lilith' By Mizuchi Is A Techno-Infused Expression Of Emotional Vulnerability

Mumbai-based Mizuchi aka Varun Kapadia had been headed towards becoming one of the biggest rappers of our generation. Mizuchi’s name is inspired by his love of Japanese art and films. But like most young artists of the new age who are always on a path of exploration and experimentation, the 22-year-old musician decided to shape-shift and had an entire genre shift from the world of hip-hop to an exploration into the realm of electronic music earlier this year. His track Dimensions was a step in that direction. His latest track Lilith from his upcoming EP, set to release later this year, is also an exploration into the world of techno.

“I’ve been dealing with the bittersweet feeling of accepting the end of a particular era of my life. Now that college is over, and “real life” is meant to begin - there is absolutely no telling what the future holds” says Mizuchi, whose track is inspired by his personal life. “I wanted to make a track that welcomes the uncertainty that lies ahead, and at the same time gives respect to the nostalgia and memories of the past. I see it like a prayer at dusk to welcome the night and a prayer to welcome a new age in life. The name was taken from my favourite show - dystopian sci fi anime ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion,’ he adds.

A soft melodic techno track, by nature of its afro-inspired percussion, groove and melodic elements, Mizuchi says he no longer wants to categorise his music to fit a genre. “I like to hear what different people say about what my music evokes in them. I’d like to say that the ‘sound’ is defined by what feelings it evokes in others.”

Talking about the significance behind the track, he said “Like a prayer at dusk to welcome the night, this song is like a prayer at the end of an era of life to welcome another. It’s like looking into the void of the unknown with enough respect and admiration that the void looks back. Lilith is a vulnerable expression of strong, mixed emotions.”

Of the creative process, he tells us, “I’ve been moving into electronic, my production process has naturally been evolving as well. Instead of treating this as a harder techno track, I wanted to make it a softer more reflective track at a higher BPM. Using wobbly synths, melodic leads, shakers and a lofi inspired vocal refrain, I was just trying to evoke a feeling that brings forth the feelings of release and acceptance. Making a song like this was incredibly fun and fulfilling since I haven’t made anything like this before and it is similar to a lot of the stuff I listen to- inspired by the sounds of Rampa, Mall Grab, &ME and Adam Port.”

As far as what’s next for him and what we can expect from his upcoming EP, he says “I totally get the fact that my listeners are still grasping the fact that I’m moving away from rap and hip-hop. Truth be told, I feel quite far removed from rap at this point, since I’ve been deeply, totally immersed in the sounds of techno and electronic for a while now. As a consumer my taste has evolved, and so as a producer I don’t have the same desire to make what I used to. Even though I love hip/hop, music has always been about evoking emotion, and I feel like this music is much more ‘me’ in a lot of ways.”

“I’m working on an album that is my best work yet, with tunes to make you groove to, cry to, get lost in thought to and even hardcore rave to. I’m also trying to involve my vocals in some ways. I’m really excited to show the world what I’ve been working on, because it’s something special. It’s hard to really describe and I feel that words and explanations take away too much, so I’ll just leave it at that.”

You can check out Mizuchi’s Instagram here.

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