Long Live the 2000s! The Jackals Are Among Us And The Koniac Net Part II

In Part I of this interview (read here) Gaffer Wolf set the stage for a deeper probing into David's possibly 'xenocentric' treatment of Indian audiences. Read on to find out how the story unfolds.
II. The Audience
When you started your cover band Voice for Slogans, did you feel like an Indian audience wasn’t ready for your music? How do you promote The Koniac Net to them now?
Did your stint at Chesky Records & Manhattan Production Music help you develop a business model towards marketing your music?
I’ve noticed the traction you’ve been getting in other countries from your posts on Facebook.
There’s a lot of names here. Do you have any particular criterion for picking a radio station to play your music?
That's quite the process, and the inevitable question, why start an Indian band and promote it internationally first?
But now you’ve played shows at the blueFROG and a great spot at The NH7 Weekender. You’re admitting there are people here that get this music. Are you going to completely abandon this audience?
Be that as it may, you’ve still gotten great reviews from the 25%, but as an experiment, what if it were the other way around: what if some people in India didn’t like your music because it wasn’t up to their standards? How would you respond to that?
Don’t you feel that playing more shows here would help you get more people in India to appreciate this music, as opposed to just fleeing because of the numbers?
4 (2)
With such a large audience in mind, what’s the best way to get your music out, well, obviously taking the Internet for granted?
You wouldn’t consider taking a label?

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